Our Approach

With GOAB we take the latest trends, bring the loose ends together, develop established ideas further and develop new concepts to provide a possible answer to the question:

How do we want to watch television in the future?

To dig further into the topic, we have identified the following challenges:


The available media offers have exploded. Alone on YouTube, 20 hours of video are uploaded every minute. The available number of television channels is, on average, in the hundreds. Information in a barely manageable volume is sent to sources at lightning-fast speeds.


With the flood of news on various channels, the user is left to evaluate and rank the context. Without the right context, there is the danger of misunderstanding information.


At the moment, when people talk about TV interaction, they refer to the most basic interaction one has with one’s television set. To interact with a television program, one must still “call-in”, or the more “modern” equivalent: of “e-mail-in”. This has quite an oldfashioned taste in our days.

The classic channel communication model is no longer valid in the online world. Interactivity is the key to modern television.

To complete our approach we have formulated the following underlying principles:


GOAB should function independently from in and output devices. For these reasons, GOAB is intended to be completely cloud based. Regardless if accessing via laptop, tablet or smart phone, the personal preferences and network are always available. To watch television, the device triggers a display if available or directly plays back the content.

Always an Optimal Experience

Through this independent behavior, the system is always delivering optimal transmission to the device of choice. Regardless if to a smart phone, living room beamer or a hotel room in another city.

Integration of social media

The integration of social features is naturally a must. The potential in regards to user relevance is yet to be determined.

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