In addition to sponsoring, product placement and teleshopping windows, today’s TV advertising is mostly broadcast during program breaks, in which a certain number of spots are placed.

At best, the public tolerates TV advertising. Many viewers use the commercial breaks to flip through channels, surf the web, etc. The viewer´s attention is far from guaranteed.

The advertiser analyzes the commercial space, so that the largest, desired target group is all gathered in front of their televisions at the same time. More bang for their buck, and the sales roll in. A female Formula 1 viewer would probably find just as few appealing ads as a man watching “Grey’s Anatomy.”

We see GOAB as a project where the user is our central focus. The integration of commercial offers is perhaps not the wish of many users, but a system without the possibility to integrate advertising would most certainly never be developed. That’s why we are trying to make the integration of commercial advertising relevant to users.

Brand Content

Based on the possibilities that the recommendation overview can be built through open-viewing channels, it is possible to develop entire channels or individual branded content. Web TV platforms belong to various automobile makers and fashion labels for a while. The integration of brand channels is very likely in GOAB.

Related Offers

Advertising orientated closely on the content of a program has a higher chance to be considered relevant by the viewer. In a similar way, sport broadcasts can direct viewers to fan shops or ticket vendors via context areas. These offers can be applied to any program, e.g. travel offers in which a film location inspires the viewer, lifestyle information, soundtracks or miscellaneous merchandising, etc..

Shop what you see

A very direct connection between the program and commercial interest would involve the viewer choosing a precise product which is selected while watching a program. The detective’s watch or the journalist’s stilettos – we believe the system could even determine the size needed to order the product. You could also have the system search for the best price. We think it’d be especially clever to not only show the product, but to also allow the user to “try on” the product in virtual reality. The user is no longer just the viewer, but also the model.

Pay per View

Through the freedom of paid content, we envision GOAB to be a platform for all providers whose business models are based on pay-per-view programming.

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