More than TV

With GOAB we want to offer viewers the opportunity to discover more information and content for their favorite programs.

Since the information comes from multiple sources, the depth and volume is an endless chain of content.

This means that the context of a program and the identification of relevant information are more complex than that of the recommendation overview. For this reason, we would also like to guide and support the user through the endless complexity.

In GOAB, we understand the broad context as one from the selected programs. Since the basis for this context is always changing, the subject matter can also change dramatically. Subject matters can be guided editorially, or even dynamically aggregated. Since the viewer made the choice to view the underlying context, we assume that the viewer takes a general interest in the subject matter shown. Therefore, we begin tying in recommendations that we believe the viewer will find as relevant information.

The previously mentioned content offers of the ABC Network, in our opinion, follow a similar approach. If these offers are missing, viewers are using mobile devices to find more information while watching television.

In our project, we integrate the context information directly in the program. The context is delivered dynamically and can adapt while running parallel to the selected program. With this, the viewer can call up relevant information at any given time and can save it as a topic bookmark.

In the framework of a sporting event, up-to-date statistics and information can be displayed parallel or separately during play. A further functionality offers the viewer to mark highlights, so they can be replayed. It is conceivable that the viewers could choose their own highlights, which could be archived or published.

In addition to pure aggregation information matching the selected program, interactive subject matter can be constructed with a more explanatory, educative function. Particularly in the context of news programs, we see great potential for net-friendly and easy-to-understand topics to be accessed. Transmission of a child-friendly distribution of up-to-date information also has great potential. The trendsetting “Childrens News” offers a medium to deliver simplified and understandable, political topics to viewers … and not only to children.

Further context offers in GOAB include a personal gateway to ongoing programs – whether participant or polling, live picture transmission of the viewers into a running program or for participation in a game show.

More information on these conceivable context uses can be found in the chapters Commerce, Social Integration and Live Gaming.

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