Interactive Gaming

In the past decades, users could only participate in game shows per telephone. “Wetten, dass…”, choosing which of three shows would be broadcast on a viewer’s choice night or TV shopping are a few examples. Recently though, new participation models have been introduced via e-mail, text messaging and YouTube. In our approach these options are seamlessly integrated into the experience.

The GOAB context area allows an active participation as far as the program allows it. Viewers can guess their answers at the same time as in studio players do, allowing programs to show results of online players during the broadcast. In this way, living rooms and television studios melt together.

In the future, the integration of controllers such as Kinect for Xbox 360 could open up a whole new world of interaction possibilities for the viewer. An interesting opportunity can be seen in the ZDF Kid Quiz “1,2 or 3”. Children in the studio have to give answer to a question by standing in one of three fields. This is a set-up that can be easily done at home via the Kinect, allowing children to play along and see if their answer is right.

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