Recommendation overview

GOAB assumes that viewer has access to all media offers from every provider, whether classic TV broadcasters or web based platforms.
That´s why we see our main task in the arrangement and classification of content on offer. This way, the viewer has the opportunity to make a choice that best fits his or her interests and preferences. In order to attain this overview, we bade farewell to conventional category standards.


We do not separate by broadcasters in our overview. Today, classic media providers offer sorting content by sender. This is no longer a sufficient way to provide the viewer with an overview that truly interests them or one that they can scan quickly. An expansion to an even larger offering would amplify the problem.


Time plays an even smaller role for us, as we assume that the TV of the future will consist mostly of on-demand programming. This is simply closer to the reality of many viewers.


In general, we do not separate by genres, because they are not precise enough. Action, comedy or suspense could mean too many different things.

We believe that a good overview helps to focus exactly on the offers the viewer is really interested in.

Profile Filter

To create this overview, GOAB takes available standard mechanics of online user profiles. Basis data, behaviors, likes, dislikes and analysis of social networks create a description of the user’s interests. The data filters media content so that the user has an at-a-glance view of their top recommendations. The quality of the recommendations improves with each use.

Expert system

The filter mechanic is supplemented by the user-defined expert system. Trustworthy individuals, opinion leaders or friends with special interests share their program recommendations with the user. Movie platforms, blogs and online magazines are additional options to fine-tune the quality of the recommendations.

The contents of this selection are segmented for the user into three categories:


Up-to-date, daily news items are of particular relevance. News is relevant because of its timeliness. The objective is to provide the latest information to the user based on what they are currently interested in.


In this category, the user finds all the content that is bound to a particular broadcasting time. In GOAB, we assume that this revolves around real, point-in-time available broadcasting content. For example: sport and cultural events, premieres, live online gaming or shopping events. All broadcasted content will be made available afterwards in the media library.

Media library

All media that is not “News” or “Live” is found on offer in the media library as on-demand content.

For all three categories, free and paid content applies.
The aggregated and categorized recommendations create the user’s “Home Channel".

Profile selection

To enable GOAB for multiple users on one device, multiple profiles can be created. Within a family, a profile suitable to the requirements of every member or the entire family can be created. Configuration based upon children’s ages can also be done.

Channel concept

Our concept offers the following features to extend the personal recommendations:

Mood Search

A key requirement of the user is their desire to be put in a certain mood. It’s not uncommon that an evening in front of the television begins with the question, “What am I in the mood for?” Make me laugh or cry; thrill and excite me; intellectually stimulate me or simply entertain me. Maybe it’s a combination of many of these factors that one is searching for. The GOAB mood search fulfills the media offering by assigning adjectives that describe the mood or feeling. The search result based on this can be saved as a channel, so a media collection for that particular mood is created.

Publish / Subscribe

If a channel has a specific knowledge area or an “All time favorites” is being created, it can be published and shared with other users, so they can integrate this channel into their overview.

Classic search functions

Classic search mechanisms are available. For example, full text search for a director or actor to create a channel from the search result.

Topic Bookmark

By selecting a certain topic, GOAB aggregates content to a topic complex. As the results are being pulled from various sources, the user receives a comprehensive up-to-date overview about topics that they have selected.

These features for creating channels provide the user multiple options how they can expand their personal program overview.


Based on the classic teaser concept, GOAB uses options to get information for a show. For every content selection, there will be a teaser displayed. The teaser can be shown in three variants with different depth of information. Basic information like title, genre and likes/dislikes from the user’s network; movie trailers, cast information, making of and ratings; as well as links for movies with the same actors or director would be available here for the respective show.

GOAB creates a relevant selection for user content. The complexity of the content would be manageable and useable and combined with the intuitive navigation of a touch-screen interface. It provides all functions in an easy to use way and the user is able to concentrate on what he really wants – to have fun watching TV.

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