Social Integration

The inclusion of social features is not a question of ‘if” or “if not”. The question is more how we can expand beyond the standards of “like” and “share” in order to enrich the television experience. It is also important that the user can always decide how deep an interaction with social networks gets.

The use of a like/dislike functionality not only acts as a way to express an opinion and share it with one’s network. It is also be used to improve the quality of the recommendation overview. User ratings from similar users will also be taken into consideration and create access to new, undiscovered content. In this way, users become a part of the GOAB expert system.

The user can see if friends are watching a certain program and can even watch it together with them. He can see live video pictures that allow him to share his reaction to what happens immediately. It’s just like being together – no matter how far apart they are in physical space.

This optional channel to the social network has a practical use, too, especially for shopping. Users can share product information with friends and get immediate feedback – just like they were in a store together.

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